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Archived Comments for: Production, purification and characterization of polyclonal antibody against the truncated gK of the duck enteritis virus

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  1. Modify some minor mistakes

    Shunchuan Zhang, College of Veterinary Medicine of Sichuan Agricultural University

    31 May 2011

    1. In the legend of the Figure 2 B, ¿by rabbit anti-tgK monoclonal antibody¿should be modified as ¿by rabbit anti-tgK polyclonal antibody¿.
    2. Under the Figure 2, the right passage ¿The neutralization titer of the rabbit anti-tgK polyclonal antibody was evaluated by micro neutralization test¿¿¿. In this passage, the second sentence¿ ¿each well had 250 ¿l cell¿ should be modified as ¿each well had 25¿l cell¿; and also in the fourth sentence¿ ¿which was diluted from the virus stock suspension (TCID50 = 10-5.567)¿ should be modified as ¿which was diluted from the virus stock suspension (TCID50 = 10-5.567/100¿l)¿.

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