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Figure 1

From: Molecular characterization of hepatitis A virus isolates from environmental and clinical samples in Greece

Figure 1

Phylogenetic tree depicting the relationship between the clinical and the environmental HAV strains of the present study. Numbers under branches are bootstrap percentage values, calculated from 1,000 bootstrap replicates. Abbreviations are: PAT74, PAT76, PAT87 (sewage samples from the Patras biological treatment plant), ALEef (sewage sample from the Alexandroupolis treatment plant), KOM94-KOM89-KOM64, XAN64-XAN65 and ALE05- ALE10 (clinical strains from the cities of Komotini, Xanthi and Alexandroupolis, respectively). The % nucleotide identity of the nucleotide sequence of PAT73 isolate with the sequences of the other HAV strains of the study is shown on the right.

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