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Table 1 Colombian DENV-1 isolates sequenced and analyzed in the present study

From: Phylogenetic history demonstrates two different lineages of dengue type 1 virus in Colombia

DENV-1/CO/261_Atlantico/1978 Atlántico 1978 V/1 HM067643
DENV-1/CO/150_Choco/1979 Chocó 1979 V/1 HM067617
DENV-1/CO/263_Choco/1979 Chocó 1979 V/1 HM067644
DENV-1/CO/267_Valle/1983 Valle 1983 I HM067645
DENV-1/CO/188_Guaviare/1987 Guaviare 1987 V/1 HM067618
DENV-1/CO/191_SanAndres/1996 San Andrés 1996 V/2 HM067619
DENV-1/CO/192_Santander/1997 Santander 1997 V/1 HM067620
DENV-1/CO/255_Santander/1997 Santander 1997 V/1 HM067642
DENV-1/CO/589_Casanare/1997 Casanare 1997 V/1 HM067678
DENV-1/CO/98_SanAndres/1998 San Andrés 1998 V/1 HM067615
DENV-1/CO/196_Huila/1998 Huila 1998 V/1 HM067621
DENV-1/CO/197_Santander/1998 Santander 1998 V/1 HM067622
DENV-1/CO/198_Tolima/1998 Tolima 1998 V/1 HM067623
DENV-1/CO/199_Cundinamarca/1998 Cundinamarca 1998 V/1 HM067624
DENV-1/CO/204_Arauca/1998 Arauca 1998 V/2 HM067625
DENV-1/CO/206_SanAndres/1998 San Andrés 1998 V/1 HM067626
DENV-1/CO/207_SanAndres/1998 San Andrés 1998 V/1 HM067627
DENV-1/CO/208_SanAndres/1998 San Andrés 1998 V/1 HM067628
DENV-1/CO/210_SanAndres/1998 San Andrés 1998 V/1 HM067629
DENV-1/CO/211_SanAndres/1998 San Andrés 1998 V/1 HM067630
DENV-1/CO/251_Arauca/1998 Arauca 1998 V/2 HM067638
DENV-1/CO/252_SanAndres/1998 San Andrés 1998 V/1 HM067639
DENV-1/CO/269_Santander/1998 Santander 1998 V/1 HM067646
DENV-1/CO/270_Santander/1997 Santander 1998 V/1 HM067647
DENV-1/CO/280_Cundinamarca/1998 Cundinamarca 1998 V/2 HM067649
DENV-1/CO/319_Arauca/1998 Arauca 1998 V/1 HM067651
DENV-1/CO/498_Casanare/1998 Casanare 1998 V/2 HM067666
DENV-1/CO/501_Bogota/1998 Bogotá 1998 V/2 HM067669
DENV-1/CO/597_Huila/1998 Huila 1998 V/1 HM06768
DENV-1/CO/324_Cundinamarca/1998 Cundinamarca 1998 V/2 HM067652
DENV-1/CO/515_Guaviare/1999 Guaviare 1999 V/2 HM067676
DENV-1/CO/521_Amazonas/1999 Amazonas 1999 V/2 HM067677
DENV-1/CO/213_Caqueta/2000 Caquetá 2000 V/2 HM067631
DENV-1/CO/214_Nariño/2000 Nariño 2000 V/2 HM067632
DENV-1/CO/215_Cesar/2000 Cesar 2000 V/2 HM067633
DENV-1/CO/216_Cachicamo/2000 Guaviare 2000 V/2 HM067634
DENV-1/CO/253_Nariño/2000 Nariño 2000 V/1 HM067640
DENV-1/CO/277_Nariño/2000 Nariño 2000 V/1 HM067648
DENV-1/CO/288_Cachicamo/2000 Guaviare 2000 V/2 HM067650
DENV-1/CO/329_Caqueta/2000 Caquetá 2000 V/2 HM067653
DENV-1/CO/485_Caqueta/2000 Caquetá 2000 V/2 HM067663
DENV-1/CO/499_Guaviare/2000 Guaviare 2000 V/2 HM067667
DENV-1/CO/506_Cesar/2000 Cesar 2000 V/2 HM067671
DENV-1/CO/508_Tolima/2001 Tolima 2001 V/2 HM067672
DENV-1/CO/254_Quindio/2002 Quindío 2002 V/1 HM067641
DENV-1/CO/347_Quindio/2002 Quindío 2002 V/2 HM067654
DENV-1/CO/348_Quindio/2002 Quindío 2002 V/2 HM067655
DENV-1/CO/351_Guajira/2002 Guajira 2002 V/2 HM067656
DENV-1/CO/486_Quindio/2002 Quindío 2002 V/2 HM067664
DENV-1/CO/487_Quindio/2002 Quindío 2002 V/2 HM067665
DENV-1/CO/502_Guaviare/2002 Guaviare 2002 V/2 HM067670
DENV-1/CO/232_Meta/2003 Meta 2003 V/2 HM067635
DENV-1/CO/364_Caqueta/2003 Caquetá 2003 V/2 HM067657
DENV-1/CO/381_Valle/2003 Valle 2003 V/2 HM067658
DENV-1/CO/387_Valle/2003 Valle 2003 V/2 HM067659
DENV-1/CO/123_Putumayo/2004 Putumayo 2004 V/2 HM067616
DENV-1/CO/235_Putumayo/2004 Putumayo 2004 V/2 HM067636
DENV-1/CO/509_Huila/2004 Huila 2004 V/2 HM067673
DENV-1/CO/510_Huila/2004 Huila 2004 V/2 HM067674
DENV-1/CO/511_Huila/2004 Huila 2004 V/2 HM067675
DENV-1/CO/250_Putumayo/2005 Putumayo 2005 V/2 HM067637
DENV-1/CO/446_Putumayo/2005 Putumayo 2005 V/2 HM067660
DENV-1/CO/457_Putumayo/2005 Putumayo 2005 V/2 HM067661
DENV-1/CO/471_Guainia/2005 Guainía 2005 V/2 HM067662
  1. * Internal isolations code, Laboratorio de Virología, Instituto Nacional de Salud
  2. ** Putative lineage established in the present study