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Table 4 Amino acid residues in the G protein that may play a role in the determination of virulence [22].

From: Characterization of a VHS virus genotype III isolated from rainbow trout (Oncorhychus mykiss) at a marine site on the west coast of Norway

  G protein residues
  118 135 139 140 161 431 433
FR-07-71 Q T S K K L I
FR-07-71 mutants    I/N R R   T
Tr25 R I R K K P I
Tr25 mutants    N N/E    
FA281109 Q A S K K L I
Other GIII isolates Q A/T S K K L I
  1. The FR-07-71 VHS virus isolate is highly virulent, while the mutant (07-71 mutant), Tr25 (an attenuated laboratory variant of FR-07-71), and Tr25 mutants have a low virulence. The VHS virus isolate (FA28.11.09) from rainbow trout in Norway share six out of seven amino acids with the virulent FR-07-71 strain.