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Table 1 List of PRRSV analyzed in this study

From: Comparative analysis of complete nucleotide sequence of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) isolates in Thailand (US and EU genotypes)

Virus ID Location Year of isolation Strain GenBank accession number
01CB1 Chonburi 2001 EU DQ864705*
01NP1 Nakhon Pathom 2001 US DQ056373*
02SB3 Saraburi 2002 EU FJ908074
08RB103 Ratchaburi 2008 EU FJ908075
08NP144 Nakhon Pathom 2008 EU FJ908076
07NP4 Nakhon Pathom 2007 US FJ908077
08NP147 Nakhon Pathom 2008 US FJ908078
08NP148 Nakhon Pathom 2008 US FJ908079
08RB51 Ratchaburi 2008 US FJ908080
08RB154 Ratchaburi 2008 US FJ908081
08RB160 Ratchaburi 2008 US FJ908082
  1. * nucleotide sequences of full length viruses