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Figure 1

From: Correlation between pre-treatment quasispecies complexity and treatment outcome in chronic HCV genotype 3a

Figure 1

Viral Load and genetic parameters in the two groups of patient (SVR and TF group) and at two time points (E, prior therapy and B, at baseline). In order to provide a mean value for multi parameter comparison, the variables were adjusted to fit to an appropriate scale i.e, (VL) Serum HCV RNA, No. of copies/ml × by a factor of 2.10-8, (Sn-nt) normalised entropy at nucleotide level and (Sn-aa) at amino acid level are actual values, (HD) mean Hamming distance × by a factor of 5 and (GD) genetic distance × by a factor of 10. The genetic parameters (Sn-nt, Sn-aa, HD and GD) were calculated (A), within the HVR1 (27 aa) and (B), outside the HVR1 (62 aa). (*), P = 0.019 for Sn-aa and (¶), P = 0.019 for HD, represent significant difference between the SVR and the TF group at B time point calculated by non parametric Mann-Whitney U test.

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