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Table 1 Chemokines encoded by human viruses and their human and murine chemokine receptor targets.

From: The herpesvirus 8 encoded chemokines vCCL2 (vMIP-II) and vCCL3 (vMIP-III) target the human but not the murine lymphotactin receptor

Virus Gene Protein human chemokine receptor targets Ref also targeting the corresponding murine chemokine receptor Ref
CMV UL146 vCXCL1 Selective CXCR2 agonist 11 No 20
  UL147 vCXCL2 ?    
HHV6 a U83B vCCL4 Selective CCR2 agonist 9 ?  
HHV8 K6 vCCL1 (vMIP-I) Selective CCR8 agonist 3,5,10 Yes 18
  K4 vCCL2 (vMIP-II) Broadspectrum chemokine receptor    
    CCR1 6,7 Yes 19
    CCR2 6,7 Yes 19
    CCR5 6,7 Yes 19
    XCR1 7 No This paper
    CX3CR1 7 ?  
    CXCR4 6,7 ?  
    CCR3 agonist 17 ?  
  K4.1 vCCL3 (vMIP-III) Selective XCR1 agonist 10 No This paper
MCV MC148 MCC Selective CCR8 antagonist 7 No 18
  1. aThe protein product from the U83 gene of HHV6A has not been included as its signal sequence include a premature stop codon.