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Table 2 GenBank accession numbers for strains used in phylogenetic analysis of influenza A H3 gene.

From: Orthomyxo-, paramyxo- and flavivirus infections in wild waterfowl in Finland

GenBank Designation Country of origin Host
AB289341 A/swan/Shimane/227/01 (H3N9) Japan Swan
AF348177 A/Hong Kong/1/68 (H3N2) Hong Kong Human
AJ427297 A/aquatic bird/Hong Kong/399/99 (H3N8) Hong Kong Aquatic bird
AJ427304 A/pet bird/Hong Kong/1559/99 (H3N8) Hong Kong Pet bird
AJ841293 A/duck/Norway/1/03 (H3N8) Norway Duck
AY531031 A/Mallard/65112/03 (H3N8) Denmark Mallard
AY531037 A/turkey/England/69 (H3N2) Great Britain Turkey
CY006016 A/duck/Nanchang/1681/1992 (H3N8) China Duck
CY006015 A/Duck/Nanchang/8-174/2000 (H3N6) China Duck
CY006026 A/duck/Hong Kong/7/1975 (H3N2) Hong Kong Duck
CY019891 A/Albany/11/1968 (H3N2) Albany Human
DQ124190 A/canine/Florida/43/04 (H3N8) USA Canine
DQ975261 A/swine/Italy/1453/1996 (H3N2) Italy Swine
EF473424. A/Wisconsin/67/2005 (H3) USA Human
M16743 A/duck/10/Hokkaido/1985 (H3N8) Japan Duck
M19056. A/swine/Hong Kong/126/1982 (H3N2) Hong Kong Swine
M21648 A/Mem/6/1986 (H3N2) USA Human
M65018 A/equine/Jilin/1/1989 (H3N8) China Equine
V01087 A/duck/Ukraine/1/63 (H3) Ukraine Duck
EU493448* A/mallard/Finland/12072/06/H3 Finland Mallard
  1. * GenBank accession number for sequences from isolates obtained in this study