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Archived Comments for: Occult hepatitis B infection: an evolutionary scenario

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  1. Additional Information - Preventing Hepatitis C

    Emma Millward, Medical Student

    11 February 2009

    Ross (1999) reported that an estimated 8.3 million new cases of hepatitis B, 1.3 million cases of hepatitis C and 31,000 new cases of HIV have been caused by the reuse of disposable syringes.

    Pointed equipment such as needles and similar instruments has been used in the medicine for thousands of years. Although uses for these types of instruments have become complicated the disposal of instruments per say has not evolved in a resultant way.

    Hundreds of health-care workers are incur needle stick injury at work each day. By means of our current knowledge of how deadly and from time to time lethal infection is spread through using dirty needles, medical staff must be protected from this risk.

    Please see this short article which recommends ways to prevent contracting Hepatitis B infection: and Needlestick Injuries.

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    Preventing Hepatitis C research.