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Table 1 A summary of matrix proteins and their percentages of disordered residues in a chain.

From: A comparative analysis of viral matrix proteins using disorder predictors

Protein Virus Accession % Predicted Disorder
M1 Influenza A 1ea3 25 (0)
Matrix (p17) SIVmac 1ed1 52 (40)
Matrix (p17) HIV-1 1hiw 61 (39)
Matrix(p15) EIAV 1hek 21 (12)
Capsid HIV-1 1afv 48 (0)
Capsid EIAV 1eia 30 (12)
  1. All of the samples analyzed were structurally characterized using X-ray crystallography. Percentage of predicted disorder corresponds to values produced by the PONDR® VLXT (VL3) analyses