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Table 1 ESTs upregulated by RSV infection

From: Inhibition of G1P3 expression found in the differential display study on respiratory syncytial virus infection

Clone_Id GenBank_Accn. Homolog definition Description of the best hit/UniGene ID
SRA01 CB238796 Zinc finger protein 265 Hs.194718
A1-2-1 Unsubmitted Chemokine C-X-C Hs.82407
SRA03 CB238798 DNA/Pantothenate IMAGE: 3857640/metabolism flavop protein
SRA06 CB238801 IFN-γ induced MG11 Hs.371264
SRA10 CB238805 Clathrin, heavy polypeptide Hs.187416
SRA11 CB238806 NADH dehydrogenase Hs.198273
SRA15 CB238810 CD79A binding protein 1 Hs.3631
C19-1 Unsubmitted Soc-2 suppressor Hs.104315
C19-2 Unsubmitted Ras-binding protein SUR-8 mRNA
G23-1 Unsubmitted Phospholipase Phospholipase C, gamma 1 (Plcg1)
SRA24 CB238819 Chemokine CC Hs.10458
SRA19 CB238814 TAF2G/ESTs contigs TATA box binding protein
SRA13 CB238808 Glucagons precursor Hs.20529
SRA20 CB238815 Ribosomal protein L19 Hs.426977
SRA02 CB238797 cDNA clones from Liver Hs.383374
A20-1 Unsubmitted HSPC129 HSPC129 homolog
SRA09 CB238804 Hypothetical protein Hs.272688
SRA14 CB238809 ESTs contigs LOC146901, predicted mRNA sequence
SRA21 CB238816 ESTs contigs Esophageal cancer associated protein
SRA16 CB238811 ESTs contigs Clone RP11-165M1
SRA23 CB238818 ESTs contigs Clone pac408
SRA22 CB238817 Unclassified Clone RP11-390B4
SRA04 CB238799 Unclassified Clone RP11-1429F20
SRA05 CB238800 Unclassified Clone RP11-95O2
SRA07 CB238802 Unclassified Clone RP11-132B16
SRA12 CB238807 Unclassified Clone RP11-543F8
SRA08 CB238803 Unclassified Unmatched
SRA14 CB238809 Unclassified Unmatched
  1. Note.
  2. UniGene ID: Unique gene cluster ID
  3. IMAGE: The Integrated Molecular Analysis of Genomes and their Expression
  4. ESTs contigs: Sequences were assembled from EST in silico
  5. Unclassified: cDNA cannot be matched to known genes in GenBank
  6. Unmatched: cDNA has no homologs in either GenBank or dbEST.