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Figure 2

From: Receptor binding specificity of recent human H3N2 influenza viruses

Figure 2

Binding of viruses to the Glycan Array. Glycan printed array V2 binding analyses of A/Oklahoma/323/03 (A), egg adapted vaccine reassortant A/Wyoming/03/03 X-147 (B), A/Oklahoma/369/05 (C), A/Oklahoma/1992/05 (D), and an older vaccine strain A/Phillipines/2/82 X-79 (E). The microarray slides used for these experiments had 246 glycans, shown along the X axis. The shaded regions show the α2-6-sialylsaccharides. The fluorescence is the average of 4 replicate spots ± standard error after the highest and lowest readings of six were excluded. OK/369/05 and OK/323/03, that do not bind chicken red cells, bind to the same α2-6-sialylsaccharides as do agglutinating and vaccine strain egg grown viruses.

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