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Table 1 Nucleotide and amino acid sequences adjacent to cleavage sites in Gag (HXB2) [2]

From: Imperfect DNA mirror repeats in the gag gene of HIV-1 (HXB2) identify key functional domains and coincide with protein structural elements in each of the mature proteins

Segment   DNA Amino Acid
  nt start..stop start..stop
gag thru slip 1296 1-atgggtgcg..gctaat-1296 1-MGARAS..ERQAN-432
matrix 396 1-atgggtgcg..aattac-0396 1-MGARAS..VSQNY-132
capsid 693 397-cctata..gttttg-1089 133-PIVQN..KARVL-363
p2 42 1090-gctgaa..ataatg-1131 364-AEAMS..SATIM-377
p7 nucleocapsid 162 1132-atgcag..gctaat-1296 378-MQRGN..ERQAN-432
p1 start is slip 48 1297-ttttta..aatttt-1344 433-FLGKI..RPGNF-448
p6 159 1345-cttcag..caataa-1503 449-LQSRP..DPSSQ$-501
gag-pol TF 165 1299-tttagg..aacttc-1463 433-FREDL..VSFNF-488