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Figure 3

From: Pathogenesis and vertical transmission of a transplacental rat cytomegalovirus

Figure 3

PCR profile of IE1 -specific products. Viral DNA extracted from (i) infected immunosuppressed rats: uterus (C; day 14 p.i.; lane 2), 17-day old placenta (D; day 21 p.i.; lane 3), one-day post-partum neonatal tissues (C; day 14 p.i.; lane 4) and 17-day old fetal tissues (D; day 21 p.i.; lane 5); (ii) mock-infected immunosuppressed rats: uterus (C; day 13 p.i.; lane 6) and 17-day old placenta (D; day 21 p.i.; lane 7). Lane 1: GeneRulerâ„¢ 1 kb DNA ladder (Fermentas).

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