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Figure 3

From: Genetic diversity among five T4-like bacteriophages

Figure 3

Location of early promoter sequences on the RB69 genome. The top panel shows an overview. Conserved Genes are shown as yellow arrows, novel ORFs as red line arrows, predicted early promoters are shown as large black arrows, and TransTerm [38] predicted terminators as red blocks. The bottom panel shows detail of one region. Predicted transcripts are shown at the bottom, blue arrows indicate transcripts expected from conserved gene promoters and red arrows designate those expected from novel ORF promoters. Orthologs of genes known to be expressed early in T4 infections are boxed. Red boxes indicate genes present only on predicted ORF promoter transcripts; blue-boxed genes are present on conserved and ORF promoter transcripts. Black boxes are early genes whose transcripts could not be predicted.

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