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Table 1 Clinical symptoms of HCoV-229E infected patients.

From: Human coronavirus 229E encodes a single ORF4 protein between the spike and the envelope genes

Patient Age Year of Sampling Acute start Cough Rhinorrhoea Sore Throat Fever Malaise Other Hospitalized Diagnosis
RIVM 02-034 52 2002 Yes No Yes No No Yes Muscle/joint pain No ARI, Pharyngitis
RIVM 02-041 54 2002 Yes No Yes No Yes No Hoarse No Common Cold, Acute tonsillitis
RIVM 03-224 68 2003 Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Respiratory allergy No Common Cold
RIVM 04-037 54 2004 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes - No ARI
VS03-099* 81 2003 Yes Yes U U No Yes Dyspnoea Yes Exacerbation of COPD
CCU-T935 U 1986 U U U U U U U U U
  1. *The person was on treatment for an atypical Mycobacterium infection.
  2. Unfortunately, all administration on Trail No T935 is no longer available.
  3. U = Unknown
  4. ARI = Acute Respiratory infection
  5. COPD = Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease