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Figure 7

From: Respiratory syncytial virus-induced acute and chronic airway disease is independent of genetic background: An experimental murine model

Figure 7

RSV loads in RSV infected BALB/c mice BAL and lung supernatant samples measured by PCR vs. plaque assay. RSV loads measured by PCR in BAL samples () remain positive up to 42 days after inoculation, while viral loads measured by plaque assay (□) become negative on day 7 post-inoculation (upper panel). Viral load measured in lung supernatants by the plaque assay also become undetectable by day 7 after inoculation, whereas RSV loads measured by PCR in lung supernatants remain detectable throughout all the time points evaluated (lower panel). All pair-wise multiple comparisons made by One-Way ANOVA. † p < 0.01 between D1 and D5 and *p < 0.05 comparing D1 with D3 and D5.

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