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Figure 2

From: Comparison of amplification enzymes for Hepatitis C Virus quasispecies analysis

Figure 2

Representative autoradiograms of clonal frequency analyses of HALT-C patients with low (patient 9, panel A), intermediate (patient 6, panel B) and high (patient 16, panel C) QS diversity and complexity. E2-HVR1 RT-PCRs were performed with Taq and HF-2 enzymes. PCR products were cloned as described in the Materials and Methods, and individual colonies were picked and re-amplified. Lane 1 represents the homoduplex (HD) control and represents the probe hybridized to itself. Lane 2 represents the heteroduplex profile of the heterogenous (ie not cloned) E2-HVR1 PCR product and is designated "H". Panels D and E are graphical summaries of HMR and Complexity in the 3 patients.

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