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Figure 2

From: Stereophysicochemical variability plots highlight conserved antigenic areas in Flaviviruses

Figure 2

Variability analysis of the envelope protein of DV-2 and illustration of how escape mutants mark cloaked conserved residues. a) PCP-motifs (blue) common to all flavivirus envelope proteins are mapped on the structure of DV-2 Env (PDB file 1OAN; the start and end residues are numbered). Note the high conservation of the fusion peptide (arrow) and two loop regions adjacent to it from other areas of the molecule. b) Stereochemical variability plot (SVP) of the DV2-Env (PDB file 1OKE), showing the per residue variation across the Flaviriridiae. Known escape mutants of DV-2 and DV-3 [10, 26] are labeled and the residue names are colored according to their variability. The boxed residues are intermediate in the conservation scale (white). c and d) Surface plots of the SVP shown in figure 2B, showing the conserved (overall blue, c) face, where the motifs of conserved areas map. The variable face (d, mostly red), which matches the orientation of the molecule where the escape mutants map to.

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