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Table 1 Primers used to analyze HCV

From: Transmission of human hepatitis C virus from patients in secondary cells for long term culture

Primer Strand Sequence (5' to 3')1
HCV 9.1 positive gac act cca cca tag atc act c
HCV 9.2 positive cat gat gca cgc tct acg aga c
HCV 10.1 positive ctg tga gga act act gtc ttc acg cag
HCV 10.2 positive cac tcg caa cca ccc tat cag
HCV 1 negative act gtc ttc acg cag aag cgt cta gcc at
HCV 2 negative cga gac ctc ccg ggg cac tcg caa gca ccc
HCV 3 negative acg cag aaa gcg tct agc cat ggc gtt agt
HCV 4 negative tcc cgg ggc act cgc aag cac cct atc agg
HutLA2 positive ggg ccg ggc atg aga cac gct gtg ata aat gtc
  1. 1The primers were designed with the program PrimerSelect (DNASTAR) using conserved HCV sequences downloaded from GenBank.