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Figure 5

From: Ultrastructural studies on dengue virus type 2 infection of cultured human monocytes

Figure 5

Ultrastructural features of DEN2 virus-infected monocytes at 4 hours. A) Cytoplasmic vacuole containing cellular debris in close association with lysosomal granules (arrows; bar 200 nm). B) Increased number and size of mitochondria in the cytoplasm of monocyte (bar: 1 μm). C) Mitochondrial degeneration: normal mitochondria (1), early step of degeneration (2) and late step of degeneration (3). Lysosomal granule (large arrow; bar: 500 nm). D) Lysosomes (arrows) in association with mitochondria an autophagosome containing probably mitochondrial debris (bar: 200 nm). Intense lysosomal and vesicular accumulation in the cytoplasm (bar: 200 nm). F) Leukocyte locomotion; note the formation of uropods (arrows; bar: 2 μm).

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