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Table 3 Discordant results obtained during the clinical evaluation

From: Detection of circulating norovirus genotypes: hitting a moving target

No. RT-PCR results Discordant analysis Interpretation Comments
Real-time RT-PCR EP-JV EP-SR Result Genotype
5 Neg. Neg. Pos. Neg. N/A FP (EP-SR) Non-specific amplification
3 Neg. Pos. Neg. Neg. N/A FP (EP-JV) Non-specific amplification
8 Pos. Neg. Neg. Pos. GII.7 FN (EP-JV and EP-SR) High viral loads (5.28 to 7.78 log10 copies/ml)
3 Pos. Pos. Neg. Pos. GI.6 FN (EP-SR) High viral loads (5.29 to 5.74 log10 copies/ml)
1 Pos. Pos. Neg. Pos. GI.3 FN (EP-SR) Low viral load (2.47 log10 copies/ml)
1 Pos. Neg. Pos. Pos. GII.15 FN (EP-JV) High viral load (6.33 log10 copies/ml)
  1. Abbreviations: FN false negative, FP false positive, N/A not applicable, Neg. Negative, No. number, Pos. positive.