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Figure 1

From: Multiple microRNAs targeted to internal ribosome entry site against foot-and-mouth disease virus infection in vitro and in vivo

Figure 1

Schematic representations of (A) FMDV-specific miRNAs and (B) IRES-EGFP expression plasmids. 5′ and 3′ miR flanking regions are represented as grey. Procedures for the construction of single miRNA (pmiR153, pmiR220, pmiR242, and pmiR276), Dual-miRNAs (pmiR242 + 276 and pEGFP-miR242 + 276) and the reporter plasmids (pHN/IRES-EGFP, pFC/IRES-EGFP, and pJS/IRES-EGFP) are described in Methods.

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