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Table 2 Closest neighbour to the 2003 and 2010 samples based on phylogenetic analysis

From: Genetic characterization of a Coxsackie A9 virus associated with aseptic meningitis in Alberta, Canada in 2010

Gene fragment Closest neighbour to 2003 Closest neighbour to 2010
5’NCR EV74 EV74
VP4 EV101 EV101
2A Protease Echo 25 Echo 25
2B Protein CVB-5 and echo14 CVB-5 and echo14
2C Helicase Echo 25 CVB-6
3A protein Echo 16 and CVB-6 EV 86
3B Protein (VPg) Echo 14 and CVB-5 Echo 14 and CVB-5
3C Protease Echo 13 EV 100
3D Protein (Pol) Echo 13 EV 86
  1. Phylogenetic analysis was performed using all the available prototype sequences belonging to enterovirus species B.
  2. Phylogenetic tree is based on complete nucleotide sequence of the VP2 and VP4 genes; GenBank numbers for the prototype sequences used were D00627_CVA-9; M16560_CVB1; AF085363_CVB2; M16572_CVB3; X05690_CVB4; AF114383_CVB5; AF105342_CVB6; AF029859_E1; AY302545_E2; AY302553_E3; AY302557_E4; AF083069_E5; AY302558_E6; AY302559_E7; X84981_E9; X80059_E11; X79047_E12; AY302539_E13; AY302540_E14; AY302541_E15; AY302542_E16; AY302543_E17; AF317694_E18; AY302544_E19; AY302546_E20; AY302547_E21; AY302548_E24; AY302549_E25; AY302550_E26; AY302551_E27; AY302552_E29; AF162711_E30; AY302554_E31; AY302555_E32; AY302556_E33; AY302560_EV69; AF241359_EV73; AY556057_EV74; AY556070_EV75; AJ493062_EV77; AY843297_EV79; AY843298_EV80; AY843299_EV81; AY843300_EV82; AY843301_EV83; DQ902712_EV84; AY843303_EV85; AY843304_EV86; AY843305_EV87; AY843306_EV88; AY843307_EV97; NC_013115.1_EV107; DQ902713_EV100; AY843308_EV101. The GenBank numbers for the in-house sequenced samples from 2003 and 2010 are JQ837913 and JQ837914.