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Table 2 Nucleotide and amino acid differences in the nucleoprotein (N), matrix (M), fusion (F) and haemaglutinin (H) genes between the South African measles consensus B3.1 sequence and brain virus from 4 patients with MIBE

From: Molecular characterisation of virus in the brains of patients with measles inclusion body encephalitis (MIBE)

Gene Nucleotide position Nucleotide      Amino acid position Amino acid     
   SACon Pat1 Pat2 Pat3 Pat4   SACon Pat1 Pat2 Pat3 Pat4
N 572 A A A G n/d 174 I I I V n/d
  1623 U U U C n/d 524 L L L P n/d
M 328 U C U U n/d 99 I T I I n/d
  388 U C U U n/d 119 L P L L n/d
  399 A A U A n/d 123 T T S T n/d
F 105 C C U C C       
  127 C C G C C       
  162 C C U C C       
  203 C C C C U       
  323 G G G C G       
  331 C C A C C       
  461 G G C G G       
  766 U U U C U       
  1483 G G G G A       
  1592 A C A A A 337 M L M M M
  1944 U G U G n/d 454 L W W W n/d
H 1362 C U n/d C   448 R C R R R
  1742 C U n/d C C       
  1. SACon South African consensus sequence, Pat1 patient1, Pat2 patient2, Pat3 patient3, Pat4 patient4, n/d not done. Bold font indicates nucleotide that varies from consensus. Nucleotides 105 to 461 in the fusion gene are non coding.