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Table 1 Amino acid homology between influenza A and B viral proteins

From: Cross-reactive human B cell and T cell epitopes between influenza A and B viruses

Protein name Size in influenza Aa Size in influenza Bb Amino acid (aa) identityc
Polymerase basic 2 (PB2) 759 aa 770 aa 37%
Polymerase basic 1 (PB1) 757 aa 752 aa 58%
Polymerase acid (PA) 716 aa 726 aa 35%
Hemagglutinin (HA) 566 aa 584 aa, 585 aad 18%
Nucleoprotein (NP) 498 aa 560 aa 36%
Neuraminidase (NA) 469 aa 466 aa 20%
Matrix protein 1 (M1) 252 aa 248 aa 27%
Matrix protein 2 (M2)e 97 aa 109 aa 7%
Nonstructural protein 1 (NS1) 219 aa, 230 aaf 281 aa, 282 aag 14%
NS2/nuclear export protein (NEP) 121 aa 122 aa, 123 aah 21%
  1. aAmino acid sequences are from influenza A/California/07/2009(H1N1) (GenBank protein accession number: AFM72841, AFM72840, AFM72839, AFM72832, AFM72836, AFM72835, AFM72833, AFM72834, AFM72837 and AFM72838), A/Brisbane/10/2007(H3N2) (ACI26328, ACI26326, ACI26325, ACI26318, ACI26322, ACI26321, ACI26319, ACI26320, ACI26323 and ACI26324).
  2. bAmino acid sequences are from influenza B/Wisconsin/01/2010 (B/Yamagata/16/88-lineage) (AFH57963, AFH57962, AFH57961, AFH57953, AFH57958, AFH57957, AFH57954, AFH57955, AFH57959 and AFH57960) and B/Brisbane/60/2008 (B/Victoria/2/87-like lineage) (AFH57919, AFH57918, AFH57917, AFH57909, AFH57914, AFH57913, AFH57910, AFH57911, AFH57915 and AFH57916).
  3. cConserved amino acids among four viruses. Denominators are the proteins of A/California/07/2009(H1N1).
  4. d584 aa for B/Wisconsin/01/2010 and 585 aa for B/Brisbane/60/2008.
  5. eCorresponding influenza B virus protein is BM2 [19].
  6. f219 aa for A/California/07/2009(H1N1) and 230 aa for A/Brisbane/10/2007(H3N2).
  7. g281 aa for B/Wisconsin/01/2010 and 282 aa for B/Brisbane/60/2008.
  8. h122 aa for B/Wisconsin/01/2010 and 123 aa for B/Brisbane/60/2008.