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Table 1 Background information of P gene sequences used in this study

From: Genetic and evolutionary characterization of RABVs from China using the phosphoprotein gene

Genus/isolates Host Origin Year GenBank acc. no. Genus/isolates Host Origin Year GenBank acc. no.
AH8 Dog AH 2005 HM582562 SH9 Dog SH 2004 HM582564
AH12 Dog AH 2005 HM582567 SH15 Dog SH 2004 HM582555
GX0801 Dog GX 2008 HM582588 SH16 Dog SH 2004 HM582584
GX0802 Dog GX 2008 HM582589 SH17 Dog SH 2004 HM582554
GX0803 Dog GX 2008 HM582590 SH19 Dog SH 2004 HM582550
GX0804 Dog GX 2008 HM582591 SH20 Dog SH 2004 HM582532
GX0805 Dog GX 2008 HM582592 SH24 Dog SH 2003 HM582536
GX0806 Dog GX 2008 HM582593 SH25 Dog SH 2003 HM582553
GX0807 Dog GX 2008 HM582594 SH27 Dog SH 2003 HM582529
GX0809 Dog GX 2008 HM582595 SH28 Dog SH 2003 HM582524
GX1 Dog GX 2006 HM582521 SH29 Dog SH 2003 HM582548
GX2 Dog GX 2006 HM582546 SH30 Dog SH 2003 HM582549
GX3 Dog GX 2006 HM582525 SH31 Dog SH 2003 HM582556
GX5 Dog GX 2006 HM582571 SH32 Dog SH 2003 HM582561
GX6 Dog GX 2006 HM582581 D03 Dog ZJ 2008 HM582568
GX7 Dog GX 2006 HM582526 D05 Dog ZJ 2008 HM582569
GX8 Dog GX 2005 HM582522 D06 Dog ZJ 2008 HM582573
GX9 Dog GX 2006 HM582535 D07 Dog ZJ 2008 HM582570
GX10 Dog GX 2005 HM582523 D10 Dog ZJ 2008 HM582586
GX16 Dog GX 2005 HM582538 F03 CFB ZJ 2008 HM582587
GX18 Dog GX 2006 HM582527 CGX0521 Dog GX 2005 EU004759
GX19 Dog GX 2006 HM582543 CGX0603 Dog GX 2006 EU004755
GX24 Dog GX 2005 HM582547 CGX0614 Dog GX 2006 EU004758
GX26 Dog GX 2006 HM582528 CHdg18 Dog GX 2007 AB458796
GZ1 Dog GZ 2005 HM582580 GX4 Dog GX 1994 GU358653
GZ3 Dog GZ 2005 HM582544 HN10 Human HN 2006 EU643590
GZ6 Dog GZ 2005 HM582579 CHN0635 Human HN 2006 EU004777
GZ8 Dog GZ 2005 HM582531 CJS0523 Dog JS 2005 EU004782
GZ9 Dog GZ 2005 HM582540 JX08-45 CFB JX 2008 GU647092
GZ10 Dog GZ 2005 HM582541 NeiMeng925 Dog NM 2008 FJ415313
GZ11 Dog GZ 2005 HM582562 SH06 Dog SH 2006 GU345748
GZ12 Dog GZ 2005 HM582545 SH26 Dog SH 2003 HM582583
GZ13 Dog GZ 2005 HM582537 D01 Dog ZJ 2008 FJ712193
GZ14 Dog GZ 2005 HM582551 D02 Dog ZJ 2008 FJ712194
GZ15 Dog GZ 2005 HM582552 D04 Dog ZJ 2008 FJ032321
GZ16 Dog GZ 2005 HM582534 D08 Dog ZJ 2008 FJ032322
GZ17 Dog GZ 2005 HM582530 F02 CFB ZJ 2008 FJ712195
GZ21 Dog GZ 2008 HM582572 8743THA Human Thailand 1983 EU293121
HN4 Dog HuN 2005 HM582519 8764THA Human Thailand 1983 EU293111
HN27 Dog HuN 2005 HM582582 INRV Human India 2005 AY956319
HN29 Dog HuN 2005 HM582520 NNV-RAB-H Human India 2006 EF437215
HN30 Dog HuN 2005 HM582542 CVS Challenge virus standard    X55727
JS29 Dog JS 2006 HM582563 aG Vaccine st rain China   DQ646875
JS34 Dog JS 2006 HM582565 CTN Vaccine st rain China   FJ959397
SD1 Dog SD 2008 HM582557 PV Vaccine st rain France   M13215
SD7 Dog SD 2007 HM582559 SADB19 Vaccine st rain USA   M31046
SD8 Dog SD 2007 HM582558 Ni-CE Vaccine st rain Japan   AB128149
SD10 Dog SD 2007 HM582533 RC-HL Vaccine st rain Japan   AB009663
SD11 Dog SD 2007 HM582575 Flury-HEP Vaccine st rain USA   GU565704
SD12 Dog SD 2007 HM582574 8619NGA Bat Nigeria 1956 EU293110
SD13 Dog SD 2007 HM582576 MOKV Cat Zimbabwe 1981 NC006429
SD14 Dog SD 2006 HM582577 86132SA Human South Africa 1971 EU293119
SD23 Dog SD 2008 HM582578 8918FRA Bat France 1989 EU293112
SH1 Dog SH 2005 HM582585 9018HOL Bat Netherlands 1986 EU293114
SH5 Dog SH 2005 HM582566 ABLV Bat Aust ralia 1996 NC003243
SH7 Dog SH 2004 HM582560 WCBV Bat Russia 2002 EF614258
  1. Note: New sequences in this study are labeled Bold and italic; AH, GX, GZ, HuN, JS, JX, NM, SD, SH, ZJ, indicate Anhui, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hunan, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Shanghai, Zhejiang provinces of China, respectively; CFB: Chinese Ferret Badgers.