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Table 1 GenBank accessions containing two copies of s2m

From: A mobile genetic element with unknown function found in distantly related viruses

Family Virus (strain/isolate) Accession number
Caliciviridae Norovirus dog (GVI.1/HKU_Ca026F/2007/HKG)* FJ692500.1
Caliciviridae Norovirus dog (GVI.1/HKU_Ca035F/2007/HKG)* FJ692501.1
Picornaviridae Pigeon picornavirus (B 03/641) FR727144.1
Picornaviridae Pigeon picornavirus (A 03/603) FR727145.1
Coronaviridae Zaria bat coronavirus (ZBCoV) HQ166910.1
Astroviridae Chicken astrovirus (FP3) JN582328.1
Astroviridae Chicken astrovirus (11672) JN582327.1
Astroviridae Chicken astrovirus (GA2011) JF414802.1
Astroviridae Bat astrovirus (Tm/Guangxi/LD77/2007) FJ571066.1
Astroviridae HMO Astrovirus (B NI-196)** GQ415661.1
  1. * - identical 3’ ends (including s2m motifs).
  2. ** - possibly due to incorrect sequence assembly.