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Figure 1

From: Persistent expression of chemokine and chemokine receptor RNAs at primary and latent sites of herpes simplex virus 1 infection

Figure 1

HSV tk and ICP0 RNA expression in mock and HSV-infected cornea and TG. RNA isolated from tissues harvested at 3, 10, or 30 days postinfection (d) was subjected to TaqMan RT-PCR analysis using HSV tk primers/probe (A) and HSV ICP0 primers/probe (B) as described in Materials and Methods. Mouse GAPDH RNA was measured in multiplex reactions, and used to calculate relative expression using the formula Rel Exp= 2-(ΔΔCT) × 1000 as described in Materials and Methods. Shown below the plots are relative expression values and the CT value measured for tk (A) and ICPO (B) in each sample. The ICP0 signal detected at 10 and 30 dpi in HSV-infected TG is likely due to LAT RNA as described in the text. Results shown are for one experiment (Experiment #1) in which the number of individual mouse tissues pooled were 10 for cornea and 6 for TG. Similar results were obtained in two additional experiments (Experiment #2 and Experiment #3), except for variation in detection of tk RNA in infected TG at 30 dpi as described in the text.

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