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Figure 4

From: Genetically distant American Canine distemper virus lineages have recently caused epizootics with somewhat different characteristics in raccoons living around a large suburban zoo in the USA

Figure 4

P-gene 70% majority rule parsimony consensus tree. Viruses from this study are high-lighted by a grey background. The animal source and GenBank numbers from top to bottom are: (1) (South African dog) AF305419, (2) (Swedish dog) AF181446, (3) (American dog) AY286480, (4) (American dog) AY286481, (5 – 17) Illinois raccoons, GenBank numbers in Table 3, (18) (German dog) AY386315, (19) (Bulgarian dog) AF259549, (20) (American dog) AF164967, (21) (German ferret) AF259550, (22) (Siberian seal) AF259551, (23) (Japanese dog) AB028916, (24) (Californa raccoon A9224/14b, reference 6), (25) (Phocine distemper virus) D10371.

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