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  1. Genital herpes (GH) is a recurrent sexually transmitted infection (STI) that causes significant morbidity and is also the major source of herpes simplex virus (HSV) in cases of neonatal herpes. Vaccination is ...

    Authors: Jianmin Chen, Sanat K Davé and Anthony Simmons

    Citation: Virology Journal 2004 1:11

    Content type: Research

    Published on:

  2. West Nile virus (WNV) recently became a major public health concern in North America, the Middle East, and Europe. In contrast with the investigations of the North-American isolates, the neurovirulence propert...

    Authors: Marianne Lucas, Marie-Pascale Frenkiel, Tomoji Mashimo, Jean-Louis Guénet, Vincent Deubel, Philippe Desprès and Pierre-Emmanuel Ceccaldi

    Citation: Virology Journal 2004 1:9

    Content type: Short report

    Published on:

  3. The reovirus M1 genome segment encodes the μ2 protein, a structurally minor component of the viral core, which has been identified as a transcriptase cofactor, nucleoside and RNA triphosphatase, and microtubul...

    Authors: Peng Yin, Natalie D Keirstead, Teresa J Broering, Michelle M Arnold, John SL Parker, Max L Nibert and Kevin M Coombs

    Citation: Virology Journal 2004 1:6

    Content type: Research

    Published on:

  4. Inflammatory cytokines and infiltrating T cells are readily detected in herpes simplex virus (HSV) infected mouse cornea and trigeminal ganglia (TG) during the acute phase of infection, and certain cytokines c...

    Authors: W James Cook, Martha F Kramer, Russell M Walker, Timothy J Burwell, Holly A Holman, Donald M Coen and David M Knipe

    Citation: Virology Journal 2004 1:5

    Content type: Research

    Published on:

  5. Mortality rates have differed during distemper outbreaks among free-ranging raccoons (Procyon lotor) living around a large Chicago-area zoo, and appeared higher in year 2001 than in 1998 and 2000. We hypothesized...

    Authors: John A Lednicky, Jean Dubach, Michael J Kinsel, Thomas P Meehan, Maurizio Bocchetta, Laura L Hungerford, Nicolene A Sarich, Kelley E Witecki, Michael D Braid, Casandra Pedrak and Christiane M Houde

    Citation: Virology Journal 2004 1:2

    Content type: Research

    Published on: