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Table 3 Sequence analysis of Cap genes of PCV3 strains

From: Molecular detection and phylogenetic analysis of porcine circovirus type 3 in Tibetan pigs on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau of China

Selected strains (GenBank accession no.) Cap gene Complete genome
Nucleotide Amino acids nucleotide
Identity of the PCV3 strains identified in our study 95.84–99.18% 87.86–99.52% 94.64–99.82%
Compared with Chinese PCV3 reference strainsa 97.51–98.75% 91.52–97.10% 93.86–97.55%
Compared with PCV3 reference strains from other countriesb 96.34–98.91% 91.52–97.10% 93.12–98.65%
  1. aThe GenBank accession no. of Chinese PCV3 reference strains: MG897474, MG253681, MG372484, MF769805, MK580467, MG372491, MK746099, MF589106, MK095621, MH277112, MH107161, MF769811, MK284236, and MG897485
  2. bThe GenBank accession no. of PCV3 reference strains from other countries: MG679916, MF805721, KY996343, MF079254, MF805722, MF805720, and KX778720