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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of HBeAg negative patients included in this study

From: Serum hepatitis B virus RNA detectability, composition and clinical significance in patients with ab initio hepatitis B e antigen negative chronic hepatitis B

All HBeAg negative patients, n (samples, n) 116 (220)
Age at sampling time, years 63 (25–86)
Sex, Male / Female 82 / 34
HBV DNA positive, n (samples, n) 37 (60)
Serum HBV DNA levels, log10 copies/mL 5.9 (2–9.7)
HBsAg levels, log10IU/mL 2.6 (0–4.6)
ALT levels (IU/L) 24 (10–2130)
Patients not under treatment, n (samples, n) 37* (60)
Patients on nucleos(t)ide analogues (NA), n (samples, n) 103* (160)
Duration of NA treatment at sampling, months 74 (1–220)
Patients who stopped NAs, n (EOT samples, n) 73* (74) **
Duration of NA treatment, months 75 (36–220)
Follow-up after NA discontinuation, months 15 (1–96)
Virological relapse within 1st year, n 42
Clinical relapse within 1st year, n 21
Retreatment within 1st year, n 14
Functional cure in long term follow-up 33
  1. All quantitative variables are expressed as median (min–max) values
  2. *Same patients are included in different subcategories thus numbers do not add up
  3. **One patient discontinued NAs twice