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Table 1 Details of the E. m. borneensis tested and their PCR results

From: The first reported cases of elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus infectious haemorrhagic disease in Malaysia: case report

Animal Date and place of rescue Sex Age and weight during the outbreak Date of initial disease signs 1st collection (11 May 2016) 2nd collection (25 May 2016) PCR results with sequencing confirmation
Jimbo (First case) February 2014; Beluran, Sabah Male 24 months; 362 kg 9th May 2016 Not collected Not collected +*
Vinodh (Second case) November 2014; Telupid, Sabah Male 24 months; 442 kg 17th May 2016 WB, S WB, S +
Tuntan (Third case) February 2014; Sukau, Sabah Male 36 months; 478 kg 20th May 2016 WB, S S +
Danum December 2015; Lahad Datu, Sabah Male 24 months; 289 kg N/A WB, S S
Budak February 2016, Kinabatangan, Sabah Male 5 months; 97.5 kg N/A WB, S S
Tunku February 2016, Kinabatangan, Sabah Male 5 months; 118 kg N/A WB, S S
Adun April 2015; Telupid, Sabah Male 12 months; 247 kg N/A WB, S S +
Dumpas August 2015; Tawau, Sabah Male 21 months; 372 kg N/A WB, S S
  1. WB, whole blood; S, serum; +, EEHV detected; −, EEHV not detected; N/A, not applicable
  2. *PCR confirmation from organs, not from WB using subsequent PCR protocols only