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Table 1 Larval indices for Ae. aegypti for the three sites

From: Evidence of circulation of Orthobunyaviruses in diverse mosquito species in Kwale County, Kenya

Site Index*
  House Index Container Index Breateau Index
Vanga Island 3.05% (5/164) 0.66% (6/903) 3.66
Jengo Village 2.40% (2/84) 0.48% (2/414) 0.02
Lunga Lunga 22.03% (26/118) 8.50% (35/413) 0.30
  1. *House index: percentage of houses where breeding larvae and/or pupae where found; Container index: percentage of water-holding containers infested with larvae or pupae; Breteau index: number of positive containers per 100 houses inspected