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Table 2 Sequence variation between phages UPWr_S2, UPWr_S3 and UPWr_S4

From: Genomic and functional characterization of five novel Salmonella-targeting bacteriophages

Gene product Protein function UPWr_S2 vs UPWr_S3 UPWr_S2 vs UPWr_S4 UPWr_S3 vs UPWr_S4
gp16 Putative head decoration protein R132G* R132G
gp20 Putative major capsid protein V338A V338A
Region between gp20-21   Substitution of g to a
gp25 Putative protein R185W R185W
gp30 Putative tail protein A94V V94A
Region between gp30-gp31   Deletion of 1 t** in UPWr_S2 Deletion of 1 t in UPWr_S2
gp42 Tail fiber protein Deletion of 6 AA in UPWr_S2 374–379 (MYKDNG) Deletion of 6 AA in UPWr_S2 374–379 (MYKDNG)
gp43 Tailspike S2P, G464D S2P, G464D
  1. Whole genome alignment revealed the presence of a few differences in nucleotide sequences between UPWr_S2, UPWr_S3 and UPWr_S4 phages. These differences included deletions and substitutions resulting in amino acid alterations or single nucleotide changes in intergenic regions. There are 4 common substitutions between these phages located in predicted head decoration (gp16), putative major capsid protein (gp20) and tailspike protein with endorhamnosidase function (gp43)
  2. *Letters corresponding to amino acids are written with capital letters
  3. **Letters corresponding to nucleotides are lower case and italicized
  4. – no changes