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Table 3 Summary of clinical signs, attempted clinical diagnosis and molecular findings of the different poxviruses

From: First molecular characterization of poxviruses in cattle, sheep, and goats in Botswana

Sample ID Case history (clinical signs) Attempted clinical diagnosis Histopathology findings Molecular findings Sequenced gene (s) (Accession number)
BOT_BOV/2010/6389 Recumbent, bleeding wounds on the udder, mouth, anus, and legs Papillomatosis Sample not suitable for testing PCPV positive B2L (MW748473)
BOT_BOV/2016/172 Cattle developing skin nodules all over the body LSD Proliferative dermatitis
Suggestive of LSD
LSDV positive RPO30 (MW748474); GPCR (MW748477)
BOT_OV/2017/158 Lesions on and around mouth and buccal cavity Orf Referred to laboratory outside Botswana but results were not received ORFV positive B2L (MW748471)
BOT_BOV/2017/1657 Cow with skin bumps and lameness LSD Proliferative dermatitis with collegenolysis suggestive of LSD LSDV positive RPO30 (MW748475); GPCR (MW748478)
BOT_BOV/2019/246 Lesions on the skin, nasal discharge, and lacrimation LSD Test not done LSDV positive RPO30 (MW748476); GPCR (MW748479)
BOT_CAP/2019/74 Udder of a dead goat with papilloma warts like/ orf infection on udder Orf, Papilloma warts Test not done ORFV positive B2L (MW748472)