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Table 2 Liver injury prone population

From: Liver injury in COVID-19: clinical features and treatment management

Author Liver injury prone population
Guan [2], Mao [13], Henry [14] Severe COVID-19 patients > Mild COVID-19 patients
Xie [7] Male > Female;
The patients with severe lung disease;
But patients’ age, previous medication history and symptoms without significant difference (P > 0.05)
Mao [13] Hubei Province in China > other parts of China;
Severe COVID-19 Patients > Mild COVID-19 patients
Cai [3] Aged;
Initial symptoms is cough;
Higher BMI;
Patients with underlying liver diseases;
Zhang [6] The patients with severe lung disease
Singh [15] Patients with underlying liver diseases > Patients without underlying liver diseases