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Table 1 Nucleotide differences between TB40/EF and TB40/EE within non-coding regions

From: Genome sequences of human cytomegalovirus strain TB40/E variants propagated in fibroblasts and epithelial cells

Region Change* Prevalences (%)
a/aʹ/a A639G/T194812C/A236421G 16/10/29 76/62/94
  A656C/T194795G/A236438C 17/10/33 94/87/100
1 bp deletion at C194972 0 100
b/bʹ A719C/T194732G 6/6 84/80
  G1174T/C194277A 12/6 86/85
cʹ/c C195520G/G235714C 0/0 52/67
  1. *Coordinates refer to TB40/EF; changes in TB40/EE are reported in comparison with TB40/EF
  2. Percentage of reads containing the variant
  3. Mutations replicated within the a/aʹ/a, b/bʹ, or cʹ/c repeats