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Table 1 Sample species collected and analyzed, collection place, molecular markers used in RT-PCR and GenBank accession numbers for cloned coat proteins

From: High throughput sequencing from Angolan citrus accessions discloses the presence of emerging CTV strains

Sample species and isolate code Location T36CPa T36pola VTpola T3K17a Cloned CP codes and GenBank accession numbers
1A C. sinensis Nursery     
1B C. sinensis Nursery     
1C AO1
C. sinensis
Nursery  +   +  AO1.4, MW388800
2A C. limon Eureka Nursery     
2B AO2
C. sinensis Bahia
Nursery  +   +  AO2.3, MW388801
2C AO3
C. reticulata
Nursery  +   +  AO3.1, MW388802
2D Lime Tahiti Nursery     
3A AO4
C. sinensis Bahia
Orchard (Quinta do Pomares)  +   +  AO4.3, MW388803
4A AO5
C. sinensis Bahia
Nursery  +   +  AO5.1, MW388804;
AO5.3, MW388805;
AO5.4, MW388806
7A C. sinensis Bahia Orchard (Quinta do Pomares)     
7B C. sinensis Bahia Orchard (Quinta do Pomares)     
  1. aMolecular markers as described in [22]