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Table 1 Characteristics of PML patients

From: JCPyV NCCR analysis in PML patients with different risk factors: exploring common rearrangements as essential changes for neuropathogenesis

 HIVRisk factorCSF compositionCD4/CD8 ratio (blood)CSF JCPyV-DNA IU/mLNCCR organization
Case 1negativenatalizumabglucose: 54 mg/dl proteins: 569 mg/L cell count: 5 cells/μl0.451.62 × 106A–B*–C–E–F
Case 2negativedimethyl fumarateglucose: 56 mg/dl proteins: 35 mg/L cell count: 2 cells/μl5.364.9 × 105A–B–C–(D)–E–F
Case 3positiveHIV infectionglucose: 76 mg/dl proteins: 413 mg/L cell count: 2 cells/μl0.108.97 × 105A-B-(C)-(E)-(F)-(B)-(C)-(E)-F*
Case 4positiveHIV infectionglucose: 43 mg/dl proteins: 46 mg/L cell count: 2 cells/μl0.112.34 × 106A–C*–E*–F*
  1. Letter in brackets indicates the presence of a rearranged block. Asterisk (*) indicates a single nucleotide polymorphism. CSF cerebrospinal fluid, JCPyV JC polyomavirus, NCCR non-coding control region