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Table 5 Sequencing metrics for clinical isolates from The Philippines

From: Assessment of a multiplex PCR and Nanopore-based method for dengue virus sequencing in Indonesia

IDSerotypeGenotypeReads passing QCCoding-Region Coverage (%)Nucleotide Consensus Similarity (%)Single-plex Amplification Result (5′ → 3′)
  1. aSeveral of the single-plex reactions were unsuccessful (−), and had to be repeated using primers from the multiplex primer set to generate the reference amplicons that were sequenced on the Illumina platform. The single-plex approach was unable to generate an amplicon covering the 3′ end of the DENV-4 genome, despite repeated attempts with a range of primers. Therefore, it should be noted that the accuracy of the multiplex-generated consensus sequence is not for the full coding region, but only accounts for 10,117 of the 10,163 coding bases