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Fig. 4

From: Isolation of Ontario aquatic bird bornavirus 1 and characterization of its replication in immortalized avian cell lines

Fig. 4

N protein expression in infected DF-1, CCL-141, and QT-35. Western blot of N protein levels in cell lysates collected from cultures of infected DF-1, CCL-141, and QT-35 in two independent experiments. A) Western blot of passages 11–13 (infection 1) showing detection of intense N protein bands in infected CCL-141 and QT-35 cultures and faint N protein bands in infected DF-1 cultures. β-actin protein bands were detected with strong intensity in all samples. B) Western blot of passages 1–3, 6–8, and 11–13 (infection 2). N protein was detected in CCL-141 starting from passage 3, in QT-35 starting from passage 7 (faint band), and in DF-1 starting from passage 12 (faint band)

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