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Table 2 A computational analysis of IAV genome yielded five sites are targets for these five miRNAs

From: Identification of cellular microRNA miR-188-3p with broad-spectrum anti-influenza A virus activity

Cellular miRNA Target Gene (GeneBank entry) and Sites(nt) Mfe (kcal/mol) miRanda score miRNA-mRNA pairing
miR-345-5p PB2: CY009619
−22.96 159 View full size image
miR-188-3p PB2: CY009619
−21.34 146 View full size image
miR-3183 PB1: CY009618
−24.79 160 View full size image
miR-15a-3p PA: AJ238020
−25.34 157 View full size image
miR-769-3p NP: AJ238021
−28.13 151 View full size image
  1. The seed region of miRNAs is underlined. Nucleotide numbering is refered to A/FM/1/47(H1N1)