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Table 5 Genome data of bacteriophages vB_KpnS_FZ10, vB_KpnP_FZ12, vB_KpnM_FZ14, and vB_KpnS_FZ41

From: Characterization of four virulent Klebsiella pneumoniae bacteriophages, and evaluation of their potential use in complex phage preparation

Bacteriophage Klebsiella pneumoniae strain, NCBI ID Genome size, bp G + C content, % Coverage № of ORFs Taxonomic identification (Family, genus) Related viruses Identity and query coverage
vB_KpnS_FZ10 Klebsiella pneumoniae RV_BA_03_B LBK, 573 50,381 50.66 65.38 42 Drexlerviridae, Webervirus Klebsiella phage NJR15, (MH633487) 96.71% (94% query coverage)
vB_KpnP_FZ12 Klebsiella pneumoniae ssp pneumoniae DSM 30104 T HAM, 72,407 39,519 53.06 71.03 43 Autographiviridae, Przondovirus Klebsiella phage vB_KpnP_KpV763 (KX591654) 94.43% (93% query coverage)
vB_KpnM_FZ14 Klebsiella pneumoniae ssp pneumoniae 9295_1 CHB, 72,407 49,370 48.58 71.60 35 Myoviridae, Jedunavirus Klebsiella phage vB_KpnM_KpV52 (KX237516) 96.58% (79% query coverage)
vB_KpnS_FZ41 Klebsiella pneumoniae ssp pneumoniae DSM 30104 T HAM, 72,407 106,104 45.22 72.25 103 Demerecviridae, Sugarlandvirus Klebsiella phages vB_Kpn_IME260 and Sugarland (KX845404, NC_042093) 96.77% and 97.52% (93% and 89% query coverage)
  1. Klebsiella pneumoniae strain used for propagation, genome size (bp), G + C content (%), average coverage and number of open reading frames (ORFs) indicated for each phage; “Related virus” refers to a top hit from NCBI BLAST, average nucleotide identity and query coverage were calculated by BLASTn