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Table 3 Molecular genotyping techniques and associated factors for HPV infection

From: Molecular epidemiology of human papillomavirus among HIV infected women in developing countries: systematic review and meta-analysis

References Year of publication Molecular technique used for genotyping Associated factors Quality assessment score
Veldhuijzen et al. [36] 2011 Linear Array HPV Genotyping Test (LA)   84.6%
Sinayobye et al. [37] 2014 careHPV Lower CD4 count < 200, history of 3 or more sexual partners, and history of using hormonal contraception 87.5%
Rocha-Brischiliari et al. [38] 2014 Genotyping using PCR-restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis Hormonal contraceptive use and current smoker 100%
Bollen et al. [43] 2006 Reverse line-blot hybridization Higher HIV-plasma viral load 87.5%
McDonald et al. [44] 2014 Prototype polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based line blot assay and PCR-based, LinearArrayHPVTypingAssay   83.3%
Firnhaber et al. [45] 2010 Linear Array genotyping assay (Roche)   87.5%
Firnhaber et al. [46] 2009 Roche Linear Array HPV genotyping test   91.7%
Nweke et al. [41] 2013 HPV GenoArray test kits   75.0%
Denny et al. [47] 2008 Roche Linear Array HPV genotyping test Low CD4 count and high viral load 83.3%
Akarolo-Anthony et al. [42] 2013 Roche Linear Array HPV Genotyping Test   87.5%
Sahasrabuddhe et al. [48] 2007 Roche Linear Arrays HPV genotyping test HRHPV associated with low CD4 count < 200 75.0%
Rousseau et al. [49] 2006 INNO-LiPA HPV Genotyping v2 test High prevalence of HPV on HIV infection 87.5%
Helen [52] 2017 INNO-LiPA HPV genotyping Extra® assay Injectable contraceptive and VL > 1000 91.7%
Hawes et al. [23] 2003 PCR -based molecular tests High VL and low CD4 count 87.5%
Mattos et al. [39] 2011 Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism   75.0%
Nicol et al. [40] 2013 VLPs-based ELISA   62.5%
Sagna et al. [35] 2010 PCR -based molecular tests   Only abstract
Munoz et al. [51] 2013 PCR-based molecular tests   87.5%
Camargo et al. [50] 2014 PCR-based molecular tests CD4 < 500 and high VL have association with HPV detection 100%
  1. HRHPV, high risk human papilloma virus; HIV, human immunodeficiency virus; VL, viral load; VLP, virus like particles; PCR, polymerase chain reaction; LiPA, line probe assay; ELISA, enzyme linked immuno-sorbant assay; CD4, cluster of differentiation 4