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Table 2 The composition and the antigenic index of the epitopes of SARS-CoV-2

From: Prediction and evolution of B cell epitopes of surface protein in SARS-CoV-2

Name Position Amino acid Antigenic index
A 601–605 GTNTS 0.525
B 656–660 VNNSY 0.575
C 676–686 TQTNSPR 0.675
D 808–813 DPSKPS 0.580
E 60–65 SRVKNL 0.588
F 60–65 SRVKNL 0.767
G 211–215 SSSSD 0.656
  1. The scores of the epitope E and the epitope G were calculated by Ellipro, the others were calculated by Bepipred 2.0. The epitopes A, B, C and D belong to S protein, the epitopes E and F belong to E protein and they are coincident, the epitope G belongs to M protein