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Table 3 Discordance between the SureX HPV test and Cobas 4800 test

From: Evaluation of the SureX HPV genotyping test for the detection of high-risk HPV in cervical cancer screening

No. SureX HPV Cobas 4800 PCR sequencing Cytology
1 16 Neg 16 LSIL
2 Neg 16 16 ASCUS
3 othera Neg other ASCUS
4 other Neg other ASCUS
5 other Neg other ASC-H
6 other Neg other HSIL
7 other Neg other ASCUS
8 Neg other other ASCUS
  1. Neg negative
  2. a12 HR-HPV is denoted “other” for Cobas 4800 test results