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Table 1 NHLBI assessment of observational studies and case series

From: Favipiravir versus other antiviral or standard of care for COVID-19 treatment: a rapid systematic review and meta-analysis

Study Study type Score Percentage Quality
Çalik BaŞaran et al. [11] Prospective observational study 10/14 71.4 Good
Doi et al. [12] Case series 6/9 66.66 Good
Irie et al. [13] Case series 6/9 66.66 Good
Rattanaumpawan et al. [14] Retrospective observational study 8/14 57.1 Fair
Yamamura et al. [15] Prospective single center study 10/14 71.4 Good
  1. Good if they fulfilled 60–100% of the tool items, fair if 50–59% or Poor if 0–49%