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Table 3 Accession number of the reference strains from the Gene bank database used in this study

From: Comparative analysis of ankyrin (ANK) genes of five capripoxviruses isolate strains from Xinjiang province in China

Isolate Accession number
010 138 140 141.2 145
GTPV AV41 MH381810.1 MH381810.1 MH381810.1 / MH381810.1
GTPV India/P100 MF629128.1 MF629136.1 MF629110.1 MF629119.1 /
GTPV India/P62 MF629127.1 MF629135.1 MF629109.1 MF629118.1 MF629099.1
GTPV India/P6 MF629126.1 MF629134.1 MF629108.1 MF629117.1 MF629098.1
GTPV India/P21 MF629125.1 / / MF629116.1 /
GTPV India/P19 MF629124.1 MF629133.1 / MF629115.1 MF629097.1
GTPV India/P3 MF629123.1 MF629132.1 / MF629114.1 MF629096.1
GTPV FZ KC951854.1 KC951854.1 KC951854.1 KC951854.1 KC951854.1
GTPV Gorgan KX576657.1 KX576657.1 KX576657.1 KX576657.1 KX576657.1
GTPV G20-LKV AY077836.1 AY077836.1 AY077836.1 AY077836.1 AY077836.1
GTPV Pellor AY077835.1 AY077835.1 AY077835.1 AY077835.1 AY077835.1
LSDV Herbivac MK441838.1 MK441838.1 MK441838.1 MK441838.1 MK441838.1
LSDV Cro2016 MG972412.1 MG972412.1 MG972412.1 MG972412.1 MG972412.1
LSDV LSD KX764645.1 KX764645.1 KX764645.1 KX764645.1 KX764645.1
LSDV Herbivac KX764644.1 KX764644.1 KX764644.1 KX764644.1 KX764644.1
LSDV Lumpyvax KX764643.1 KX764643.1 KX764643.1 / KX764643.1
LSDV Vaccine AF409138.1 AF409138.1 AF409138.1 AF409138.1 AF409138.1
LSDV Saratov MH646674.1 MH646674.1 MH646674.1 MH646674.1 MH646674.1
SPPV India/P42 MF629131.1 MF629138.1 MF629113.1 MF629122.1 /
SPPV India/P4 MF629129.1 / MF629111.1 MF629120.1 /
SPPV Jaipur MG000156.1 MG000156.1 MG000156.1 MG000156.1 MG000156.1
SPPV NISKHI AY077834.1 AY077834.1 AY077834.1 AY077834.1 AY077834.1
SPPV A AY077833.1 AY077833.1 AY077833.1 AY077833.1 AY077833.1
SPPV 10700–99 AY077832.1 AY077832.1 AY077832.1 AY077832.1 AY077832.1
SPPV India/P7 MF629130.1 MF629137.1 MF629112.1 MF629121.1 /
LSDV 155920 KX894508.1 KX894508.1 KX894508.1 KX894508.1 KX894508.1
LSDV Dagestan MH893760.2 MH893760.2 MH893760.2 MH893760.2 MH893760.2
LSDV GR/15 KY829023.3 KY829023.3 KY829023.3 KY829023.3 KY829023.3
LSDV Bujanovac KY702007.1 KY702007.1 KY702007.1 KY702007.1 KY702007.1
LSDV 0240 KX683219.1 KX683219.1 KX683219.1 KX683219.1 KX683219.1
LSDV 2490 AF325528.1 AF325528.1 AF325528.1 AF325528.1 AF325528.1
LSDV Warmbaths AF409137.1 AF409137.1 AF409137.1 AF409137.1 AF409137.1
GTPV Turkey MN072622.1 MN072622.1 MN072622.1 MN072622.1 MN072622.1
GTPV India MN072620.1 MN072620.1 MN072620.1 MN072620.1 MN072620.1
GTPV Vietna MN072621.1 MN072621.1 MN072621.1 MN072621.1 MN072621.1
GTPV Yemen MN072625.1 MN072625.1 MN072625.1 MN072625.1 MN072625.1
GTPV Sudan MN072624.1 MN072624.1 MN072624.1 MN072624.1 MN072624.1
SPPV Turkey MN072631.1 MN072631.1 MN072631.1 MN072631.1 MN072631.1
SPPV Saudi MN072630.1 MN072630.1 MN072630.1 MN072630.1 MN072630.1
SPPV Pendik MN072629.1 MN072629.1 MN072629.1 MN072629.1 MN072629.1
SPPV Saudi MN072627.1 MN072627.1 MN072627.1 MN072627.1 MN072627.1
SPPV Abu MN072626.1 MN072626.1 MN072626.1 MN072626.1 MN072626.1
GTPV Oman MN072623.1 MN072623.1 MN072623.1 MN072623.1 MN072623.1
SPPV Nigeria MN072628.1 MN072628.1 MN072628.1 MN072628.1 MN072628.1
LSDV Kenya MN072619.1 MN072619.1 MN072619.1 MN072619.1 MN072619.1
SPPV Fenner / MG000157.1 MG000157.1 MG000157.1 /